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Aeronautics, railways, civil engineering, automobiles: batteries that power the future

Saft: smart battery solutions for many domains

From aerospace to sea and rail transport to telecommunications, health and energy, Saft is a player in many markets, offering battery solutions that have a wide range of applications.

Saft, the leader in the smart battery market present in 18 countries, is a manufacturer like no other.

For mobility, the main projects concern the rail sector, which has been relatively spared by the health crisis.

In terms of ESS, TotalEnergies recently won a major project concerning the development of 11 containers for which Saft, in partnership with ALTEN, is working on building an energy storage system for the Nordic countries. These energy storage containers will be used downstream from solar panels, wind passages or even “buffer zones”, thus meeting real environmental challenges. They are part of the overall strategy of the TotalEnergies Group to work towards a major ecological transition.

The battery maker’s challenge in the significant ESS market is to participate as both system developer and integrator, i.e. intervening in the civil engineering aspect in container installation. This is a key challenge for both Saft and ALTEN teams, who must adapt to this change and diversify into civil engineering professions.

Automotive Cells Company: becoming the European leader in batteries

Created during the summer of 2020, the Automotive Cells Company (ACC) joint venture combines Saft’s expertise in R&D and industrialisation with Stellantis Group’s knowledge of the automotive market and its experience in mass production.

Becoming the European leader in batteries is ACC’s main objective.

As a first step on the production side, the company has already begun building a pilot site in Nersac to test the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries on a small scale.

ACC then plans to build two Giga-factories in France (2022) and Germany (2026), which will be responsible for mass producing these batteries.

This production represents a major environmental challenge, because it involves designing lithium-ion batteries for vehicles in an eco-responsible way.

The outlook for the future is promising, as the Bordeaux battery market is growing rapidly

ALTEN’s added value: historical expertise in batteries

Mechanical design engineering, system engineering, electronic, electrical and software engineering…the ALTEN Group is chiefly involved in design office jobs.

With its presence on four battery production sites in France, ALTEN is supporting Saft with skills in electric connections and civil engineering, as well as in structuring the ACC joint venture and digitalising industrialisation projects.

ALTEN has many experienced professionals, making it a partner that is sought-after by battery manufacturers, the energy market being one of the Group’s pillars. Currently, ALTEN is participating in the creation of a pilot prototype line alongside ACC in Bruges, France, helping to select furnishing and construction suppliers and monitor the site, among other things…

ALTEN teams are working alongside Saft on project quality activities such as project follow-up, project framing, and resolving design problems.

The outlook for the future is promising. Bordeaux’s battery industry is growing rapidly, and its expansion is a key issue for ALTEN to strengthen its role as a privileged partner for players in this sector.