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The smart city: connectivity that serves the city and its inhabitants

The smart city is a genuine urban development concept that is based on a new mode of management that mobilises a set of connected objects and services to make the environment more adaptable and efficient.

Infrastructure, transport, networks…each service tends to be optimised to improve city dwellers’ quality of life.

The aim is to develop the means and technological solutions capable of meeting the population’s needs (optimisation of space, more conveniences, social interaction, security, inclusion, etc.) while minimising the city’s energy expenditure.

The ALTEN Group is supporting a global energy player in smart city development by working on projects for individuals, in particular by designing innovative services. Here is a close-up of a few of them.

The main issue around the smart city is to ensure the proper flow of data, in other words, to use the data wisely.


A mobile application to control street lighting

What if we could optimise residents’ commutes to their homes?

The ALTEN teams and their client have devised an application that allows users to control the light from streetlights with their smartphone.

This could especially help to foster a sense of security when walking at night thanks to a personalised configuration of the intensity coming from the light infrastructure along the walker’s path.


Smart panels to optimise energy expenditure

ALTEN also supported its client in conceptualising sustainable devices such as smart panels, allowing motorists to reduce their travel by quickly going to the most suitable car park for their place of arrival.

This ensures that energy consumption is minimised and, therefore, smarter.


Connected apartments for medical care

Could we predict medical appointments with fully connected apartments?

This is what ALTEN engineers and their client imagined to support those who are ill.

For example, if a resident is taking significantly longer than usual to move from one room to another due to an overlooked knee issue, they will automatically receive a notification to encourage them to go see a specialist as soon as possible, thanks to the connectivity configured in their living space.


Connecting people

Since the COVID-19 crisis, remote working has become a key component of how we work. At the same time, individuals have gradually become isolated from each other.

But thanks to the connected services developed through the smart city concept, isolation can be broken, with remote workers able to make contact more easily with their neighbours in their building or local area.

On this point, ALTEN can count on diverse and highly qualified employees who are capable of responding effectively to customer requests, particularly with regard to Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Along with bidders such as LINCOLN, the ALTEN subsidiary specialised in data, the group builds its offerings and can support clients throughout their projects.